For Software Vendors

What does every software vendor want?  
Successful implementations and happy customers.  After all, annual software maintenance renewal discussions should be positive affirmations of how technology has sparked innovation and efficiency in your client's business – not reminders of past problems and disagreements.

But what if your customer doesn't have the staff to implement your software – whether they can’t afford permanent hires or simply do not have the experience with large-scale enterprise implementations necessary to approach a new project with confidence?

Even after you're underway, maintaining and adjusting client expectations are critically important activities.  You need to make sure client teams are appropriately staffed and prepared for the significant workload such an implementation places on them.  And yet, sometimes those messages coming from a software vendor just don't resonate.  Then you find yourself and your professional services team without the right client-side team to implement in the agreed upon timeframe or budget.  And still that's your fault, right?

When you need someone who's been there before; who can bring the experience gained from multiple successful enterprise system implementations; and who can learn your customer's values, culture and needs quickly so that successful implementation can begin:  Mitigate risk; ensure success. With Accuity.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you help your clients.