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Technology Myth:
If you're on Facebook, you're tweeting, and your customers like and follow you, that's all the technology you need to invest in today, right?  Sure, today's technology needs to be customer-facing and should involve at least an element of social networking. But what about your back-office staff that needs to support those customers and needs robust enterprise systems to provide that support? Has your legacy enterprise system outlived its usefulness? Typical organizations don't replace legacy systems every day, so you might not have the staff in place capable of managing a major replacement project. Furthermore, such projects typically consume a large portion of your IT budget and often involve significant organizational change.

If you’re spending five, six or even seven figures to implement a new enterprise system, you don’t want to just automate current processes, and you can’t afford to have the project come in over-budget or late – or worse yet, not finish at all!  But that’s what happens with many enterprise software implementation projects. In some ways, those results are understandable. After all, organizations don’t implement new enterprise systems every day, and IT departments are struggling to keep up with all the other demands your business is making of them.

Accuity can help.

Whether it's help planning such a large-scale project, selecting the right vendor, or managing the entire project, our skills and experience can make sure your project is successful.  Some of the things we can do that might be challenging for your IT department include:
  • Managing your software vendor for you – this preserves a good working relationship between internal staff and the vendor for after the project is over
  • Working through business processes with your internal business customers – we can quickly establish rapport and credibility and consult with you on business process changes that are possible with new technology
...and much more.

When you need someone who's been there before, who can bring the experience gained from multiple successful enterprise system implementations,
 and who can learn your organization's values, culture and needs quickly:  Mitigate risk; ensure success. With Accuity.  Contact us to discuss your needs.